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Do it for YOU!

I use decluttering and organizing to help YOU more easily manage your home, have a greater appreciation for the things you have, gain more time to do the things you enjoy and find contentment while living in the space you are currently in. Less truly can be more. The benefits of having an organized home are endless. Let's Get Organizing!

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to set up an organizational system

Establish YOUR Space

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where you do life: live, work, cook, sleep & hang out

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beautiful, comfortable, welcoming, useful & manageable

Cozy &


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Do you want a beautiful, cozy and functional home?

A home that is comfortable and easy to maintain.

Do you want to get practical hands on advice on how to keep your home organized?

Do you want someone to ask the right questions to help you sort through your things AND keep you motivated during the process?

Do you have a space that is driving you crazy; a pantry, entryway or closet?

Are you finally ready to make a change?

Then you need a home organizer!

The Goal

Cozy & Functional

Colorful kid's playroom interior
Stylish scanidinavian interior of home office with glass table, design clock paper bags and plants. Design space with wooden brown parquet.
Modern Bedroom Interior Design

The Process

What do I do?

  • Discuss your goals for your space and analyze what it would entail to accomplish
  • Identify your organizing style
  • Use your organizational style to develop, establish and implement organizational processes that will be sustainable based on you and your family's lifestyle and season of life.
  • Offer a judgment free environment to sort your items
  • Help you sort through your belongings to identify unwanted or unused items to donate, recycle or throw away
  • Help you stay focused and keep your goals in mind, even when you are overwhelmed, frustrated and suffer from decision fatigue
  • Work with you to determine a reasonable inventory level, for you to manage, in your home
  • Help you get IT off your TO Do list and Get IT done
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And Then?

What happens when we're done?

  • You will be able to enjoy a clutter-free space.
  • You will have gained confidence in your ability to make good choices and will be able to process through decluttering more quickly and maybe even on your own
  • You will be able to use what you've learned to declutter and organize other spaces.
  • You will gain more appreciation for the items you keep.
  • You will have the skills to encourage your household to let their things go.
  • You may shop less for unneeded items JUST because they are on sale, clearanced, cute or you like them.
  • You may have a different mindset about your stuff and the purpose of your home

modern closet with clothes

These are some Signs

You need a Home Organizer

messy desk
Working at home mom
Assorted Children Toys
  • You have clutter on most flat surfaces throughout your home.
  • You feel overwhelmed by your space
  • You feel guilty about your work/life balance

  • You are always rushing to get up, get ready and get out of the house
  • You feel like your home has been taken over by toys
Messy closet
  • Your closets, drawers, cabinets, toy bins or rooms are overflowing or stuffed
  • Your clothes have spread into multiple closets.
  • You can never find anything to wear, but have lots of clothes
  • You have clothes in your or your child's closet that: do not fit, are not worn, or are not liked.
Vase, Books, and Decorative Jars on the Coffee Table
  • You frequently feel like you don't have enough space and everything would be better if you had a bigger home
  • Feel like a manager of your stuff- you are constantly picking up and putting away stuff
Woman with special equipment cleaning house
  • You are always losing or looking for your stuff
  • You feel overwhelmed by your space, especially when you go to declutter or clean
  • You spend evenings and weekends cleaning your home
  • You do not enjoy tidying or feel you don't have time to tidy
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Hello! I am RhaunDel Porter. I'm a Professional Organizer and

am certified as an Organizational Specialist. I've always felt an importance in having things in their place, as well as a strong appreciation for the ease that comes when things are easily at hand. I started to notice not everyone has this innate instinct in regards to how to put things where it makes the most sense. The general concept is: we should store thing close to where we use them and create an easy way to put them away. But after researching I started to understand that just like there are different types of people, we all have different organizing styles. This concept which was developed further by the founder of Clutterbug creates an easy way to help identify one's organizing style. With the ability to identify a client's personalized organizing style accompanied with additional research and education I was confident I could help people organize their homes in a way that reflects the way they naturally think, instead of the way I do. It got me excited! Everyone can experience the benefits of an organized home, in a maintainable way. This accompanied with the realization we all have way too much stuff and need to set aside the time to go through it, offers an opportunity to help people declutter and ultimately gain appreciation for their home and the items within it. Let's Get Organizing!

About Me!

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One on One Decluttering and Organizing services are priced by session. The price and duration of the sessions are quoted based on the space and your goals, discussed during your Free consultation call. The sessions are usually 4 to 6 hours in length. The proposal will be provided after your free consultation.

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One on One Sessions


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The purpose of these calls can vary based on your needs. I can offer accountability for the homework you were given during a session or previous call, help coach you through sorting items on your own, and answer questions you might have in regards to decluttering and organizing your space. These calls work best in conjunction with One on One Sessions, but can be scheduled independently.

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Accountability & Coaching Calls

Session prices =

tailored based on your

needs and space

Options: 30 Minutes or 1 hour Calls

Areas to Organize

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  • closets
  • pantries
  • nurseries
  • mudrooms
  • kitchens
  • office space
  • homeschool area

  • playrooms
  • bedrooms
  • bathrooms
  • craft rooms
  • laundry rooms
  • dining rooms

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  • photos
  • memorabilia
  • books
  • kid's artwork
  • electronics

and many more... Let's discuss your needs.

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